2011 – Superior loop

As with most things there are a few good stories to share about this trip.

3526 km

Download file: Superior.gpx

DSC_0096 DSC_0115DSC_0039 DSC_0287 Ah pavement!

Trust your GPS some times. Judge your sense of direction and you GPS in combination with each other is a better bet. After over an hour on dirty, dusty logging roads, when all hope of finding civilization was almost lost, ¬†we emerge from the wilderness to find the most wonderful sight possible at that moment……..asphalt. An hour later we were in Bayfield Michigan. The women behind the counter at the motel we located gave me a sideways look when I commented on the oppressive heat and said the temp gauge on my bike had indicated it was 36….whoops sorry we’re in Merica…96.8. Healthy body temperature under most circumstances but a true test of my all gear all the time policy once you combined factor in the humidity.

Our solution seemed sound enough, get settled in our room (an awesome condo recently acquired by the motel) and take a swim. I mean we saw kids swimming. So we unpacked the bikes and got our swim shorts on. We toddled over the the small beach area behind our rooms dropped our towels in the sand and “last one in is a rotten egg.” Now it’s difficult for me to explain what happened next. I guess had I paused to consider for a moment that this was Lake Superior ,the largest, deepest of the Great Lakes, what came next would have been less of a surprise. I’m not even sure how to begin spelling the sound I made when I hit the water and I’ve swam in Georgian Bay near Cypress Lake on a May 24 weekend when the water temp was in the low 50’s. I’m not sure if this was colder or it was the difference between air and water temp but holy crap on a cracker…..it was to say the least refreshing.


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